Haunted Hill House Manor-Mineral Wells, TX

Hill House Manor-Gainesville, TX

USS Lexington-Corpus Christi, TX

Miss Hattie's Place-Belton TX

Miss Molly's Hotel-Fort Worth, TX  Stockyards

The "creeper" we caught on thermal!

This was a very interesting investigation. Many people had EVP's, were touched and some experienced phantom smells.
I learned something new about myself during this investigation. It seems that I could be an Empath. The very first place we went to investigate is where a torpedo hit during the war. Nine men were killed. Two were vaporized on impact.
It was just the two of us in this area at the time and I was suddenly overcome with an extreme feeling of sadness. I was sobbing! We went back to the flight deck and even walked around more of the ship and I was fine.
We decided to go back down to the same room and it happened to me again! My husband was overcome with the feeling that he was not supposed to be there. We left again and both of were fine everywhere else on the ship after that. However, the two experiences left me drained and I ended spending the rest of the time laying on a bench! Very interesting to say the least.

This was a VERY creepy place to start with! Besides the two skunks we encountered, we did see a 3 foot tall shadow figure at the end of a hallway. We were in complete darkness. There was only a little tiny window in the upper left of the hallway. This figure was blacker than the black and it darted back and forth across the hallway faster than any animal could move. It even raised up tall and then disappeared. No one got a bad feeling about it. It was very strange. This was early on in our investigation.
We then went up stairs to the Nun's lounge. It has been reported that men are not welcome up there. John, the lead investigator of San Antonio Ghost Hunters, used dowsing rods to communicate with the Nuns. They did respond that the men were not supposed be there. However, being the only female, they responded that I could stay. Apparently though, Nuns were not the only spirits up there!
My husband was standing to my right and I was facing John and another investigator when I saw their eyes get big at the same time my husband reached up and felt the back of his neck. Apparently they saw a large, bright orb shoot up behind my husband right at the exact moment he felt something touch the back of his neck!
We did an EVP session with a ghostbox and I have an Ovilus type app. on my phone. John had communicated with a little girl before and she came through this time as well. However, a male spirit came through and said, "F*** you" twice!
I asked the little girl if she needed help and she responded that she did. I asked her how we could help her. She did not respond. John then asked, "What do you want us to do?" and the male voice came back through and said, "die." Not the best response to get. Lol

Yorktown Hospital

Yorktown, TX


USS Lexington

Corpus Christi, TX


Abandoned Nursing Home

and Orvis Vault

Calvert, TX


Sorrel-Weed House

Savannah, GA


Moon River Brewery 

Savannah, GA


Sorrel-Weed House

Savannah, GA


This goes VERY fast, but there is a still frame after the video runs.  We are not quite sure what to make of it.  What do you think?

You will see an orb turn the flashlight on that is sitting on the bannister at the following times:

22:52:23 from the very left of the screen

22:53:21 from out of the door behind Susanna.

There are many orbs, but these are the

ones that are the most notable.


We didn't plan it but it turned out to be only the two of us! We had VERY interesting EMF readings and I was touched on the back of the head while sitting in the parlor.

We had the wonderful opportunity to participate in an overnight investigation of an abandoned nursing home.

Texas Paranormal Investigators

Hill House Manor

Unfortunately this time we had to be in a "tourist" group of people. We did not have any real experiences or anything to document other than these three photos. There is no explanation why these three photos turned out foggy. All the other photos I took were crystal clear. The white dots are only to cover the faces of folks to protect their identity.

This is an abandoned hospital. The roof

had leaked so much water that there

was a high amount of black mold in the


We didn't experience anything

paranormal while we were there, however when reviewing the photos that were taken, we found an interesting black shadow or mist in a doorway. There were two photos taken, one right after the other.  You can see a

change in the black of the doorway

as noted in the bottom image.


We were not here to do an investigation

but we were allowed to go down to the

basement. Nothing to report but still wonderful to get to see it!

Miss Molly's Hotel

Fort Worth Stockyards

December 9, 2015

Old Yoakum Hospital

Yoakum, Texas

May 23, 2015

Nutt House Hotel-Granbury, TX
Sorrel Weed House-Savannah, GA

Old Yoakum Hospital, Yoakum, TX

Yorktown Memorial Hospital, Yorktown, TX

  1. December, 2015

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Comparison photo showing placement of the Creeper.

Miss Molly's Hotel

Fort Worth Stockyards

July 15, 2015