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I founded TPI because I wanted to bring awareness and knowledge of the paranormal to the public and help those who are being affected by paranormal activity. I also wanted a place where people could share their experiences in a supportive environment.
My first encounter with the paranormal happened when I was 15 years old. I had an item that I kept in the same place every day. Then one night, it was gone.  My mom and I looked all over for it but could not find it.  The next night, it reappeared in the place I always kept it. 
I currently work for a law firm in the Cultural District of Fort Worth. I have a background in Art History and I am an avid history buff. I am also passionate about my family’s genealogy, a gift passed down to me from great aunt Evelyn.  I also enjoy photography and spending time with my family.

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We are a non-profit organization of paranormal investigators dedicated to helping those with possible paranormal problems.

We believe in a scientific approach using the latest technology. We keep an open mind while remaining skeptical. We do NOT hold séances, use Ouija boards or provoke spirits.

We are professional, courteous, confidential and respectful of you and your property at all times.

*We provide a waiver of confidentiality and a release of liability.

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Texas Paranormal Investigators

All of my life I have experienced things that seemed outside of what is normal. As a small child, may times I saw a shadow move through a hall and into a front bedroom, only to find the room empty when I ran to see who it was. I also experienced “déjà vu” experiences that became actual scenes when I was “saved” at a Baptist Church camp and again when we were taking my older brother to college. What were repeating meaningless dreams became reality when I actual experienced them. But the most unusual happening was when my grandmother appeared before me as a full apparition at the time of her death. She vanished when my family called to tell me of her passing. I have always been a searcher for the truth (but I don’t believe I am very close to the end of that journey).

 My wife, Marybelle, is also a searcher and she got us both involved with groups to investigate the paranormal about four years ago. I have become something of a specialist with divining rods, but I will be the first to admit that I don’t understand them. My friends, Dennis and Karen, gave me a pair for a birthday gift, but they sat unused in my gadget box until encouraged by Linda Hill to try them at Hill House Manor. I was able to locate the well beneath the house, but did not believe you could communicate with spirits with them until I was at Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells. Phil had asked me if I had gotten a response around the filled in root cellar. After assuring him I had not, he asked me to go try with him. I was resolute that there would not be a response, but to my chagrin, on our third attempt we began to get responses! Shocked, I took friends Shannon and Michael back out and repeated the conversation. When we thanked whoever/whatever we were communicating with, all three of us felt “shivers”. I don’t know why these work and have been surprised by the person(s) on the other end several times. I think it has something to do with sensitivity, but do not claim to be a sensitive or psychic.Type your paragraph here.

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